Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Donnie A. Kellough

What is your hometown?
Naples, ME.

Where did you go to High School?
Lake Region High School.

Previous Team (If different than high school):
The Lake Region Lakers.

How did you hear about BA?
Nick Marshall, BA class of 2009 told me about it.

What are your goals at BA?
To improve my grades and get into a better college than I would have directly out of
Lake Region High.

Where are you looking for college?
Franklin Pierce, studying to be a physician.

Is BA different than your high school?  If so, how?
Yes, because it is much more structured.  The staff here also cares a lot more about the students.

What is the best thing about BA?
The food.

What is the worst thing about BA?
I understand its purpose from a learning perspective, but don’t really like study hall.

What activities do you take part in at BA?
Snowfort making

What activities do you take part in outside of BA?  Hobbies?
I like to go on adventures, travel, hang out with friends and try new things.

Who is your role model?
Definitely my old man.

What is your favorite book?

What is your favorite movie?
Good Will Hunting.

What is your favorite type of music?

Who is your favorite band / musician?
Kid Ink.

What is your favorite sports team?
The Boston Bruins.

Who is your favorite athlete?
I would say Blake Griffin.

What is your favorite meal?
I love Sushi.

What is your favorite quote and who said it?
“It’s not life I fear, but death,” Anonymous.

What would you like prospective BA students to know?
Be ready to hike up the hill!

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