Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Preseason Is Underway!

The 2011-2012 Wolverine hockey team arrived this week on campus and has been training hard to prepare for the up coming season. They even found some time between sessions to help beautify campus by weeding the Hall of Fame Garden. Check out some pictures from the past few days!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2011-2012 BA HOCKEY


“Commitment, sacrifice, responsibility”

Enclosed is information for you to read, plan and execute over the summer. The following information will help you prepare for the 2012 – 2012 Ice Hockey Season.


All players wishing to participate in Ice Hockey must complete a few tasks:

1) Must have a valid passport

2) Must be USA Hockey Certified – Bring certificate or copy of certificate

3) Get a physical – Bring letter from doctor

4) Strength and Conditioning (see below)

5) Fund Raising (see below)

6) Equipment (see below)

7) Dress Code (see below)

8) 5 Unbreakable Team Rules (see below)


It is expected you will come to Bridgton Academy physically prepared. Our first weekend, your height, weight and body fat will be taken and you will participate in a mandatory Physical Fitness Test. The test will consist of push-ups, sit ups, sprint and a two mile run. There will be additional testing throughout dryland. Players need workout clothes and a very good pair of sneakers for our dryland training.

Coach Sawicki, our Strength and Conditioning Coach, has spent countless hours developing the lifting and footwork programs. Over the summer, you should follow the strength and conditioning programs to be physically ready for our grueling six month hockey season. All workouts can be found at: www.bridgtonacademy.org. If you click on the athletics tab, then find the strength and conditioning link. Follow the link to ice hockey programs and you will see our pre-season workout. There are also demos for each exercise on the strength and conditioning page. If you need any additional instruction about our Strength and Condition or Footwork Programs, contact Coach Sawicki at 207-647-3322 or jsawicki@bridgtonacademy.org.

Bridgton Academy Hockey has developed a very engaging 5 week dryland program. If you come to Bridgton Academy without any summer training, you will have a very difficult time completing the program. Players wishing to compete for a position immediately should know competition starts during dryland. During dryland we will implement muscle strength, muscle endurance and cardiovascular training. Dryland will NOT be just weight room and running. The dryland is designed to push you to limits you might not thought possible. Circuit training, sprints, long runs, weights, speed and agility are just some of the ways we will push you to reach your maximum potential.


All players will need their equipment immediately upon arrival.

All Bridgton Academy Hockey Players receive:

1) BA Hockey Bag

2) BA Hockey Winter Jacket

3) BA Shorts and T-Shirt

All Bridgton Academy Hockey Players need:

1) Black Helmet

2) Black Gloves

Players must have 40 for a Bridgton Academy Shell (Issues See Coach Lounsbury)

Any other equipment needs: Call Chad at Gateway Hardware 413-782-4636

Make sure you mention you’re with Bridgton Academy Hockey (30% - 60% off)


Players need the following clothing and attire to travel with team. There will be an expectation all players must follow to travel with team. Those unable or unwilling will be left home.

Must have following attire when you arrive at Bridgton Academy:

1) 2 – 3 Dress pants or kakis – NO CARGO PANTS

2) 2 – 3 Long Sleeve Dress Shirts and ties

3) Brown or Black Dress Shoes – NO BOOTS

4) Belt – Brown or Black

5) Winter Coat will be provided by BA

6) Players will not wear hats when traveling


The 5 Unbreakable Team Rules are the foundation of our team. The code is what we expect each player to follow and work toward. Read them, study them and understand them and be prepared to live them when you come to Bridgton Academy.

1) Pay Attention to Details – On and Off the Ice

2) Follow the Code – “Commitment, Sacrifice and Responsibility”

3) Be On Time – No Excuses

4) Team Option

5) Team Option

To be successful at Bridgton Academy, you must be 100% committed to Academics, Athletics and Character. Your preparation over the summer is critical for your upcoming season. Players must always show 100%, any less will be noted and corrected. The 5 Unbreakable Team Rules are the foundation for our team. The last two Unbreakable Team Rules will be added by the team as the season progresses.

Commitment, Sacrifice, Responsibility

Jonathan Lounsbury

Junior Head Ice Hockey Coach

207-647-7658 (O)

207-595-0171 (C)


Michael Meserve

B Team Head Ice Hockey Coach

207-647-7633 (O)

207-595-0409 (C)