Thursday, December 11, 2008

Player Profile- Fred Hein

Wolverine Hockey- What do you hope to get out of your year here at Bridgton Academy?
Fred Hein- I need to work hard on my academics and get my SAT scores up. And athletically I like the fact we play about 50 games so that gives me a good amount of time to get bigger and stronger.

WH- What do you think when you hear “Bridgton Academy is a jock school”?
FH- It’s a school just like any other, a lot of the guys do play sports and we’ve got some great teams but at the end of the day we are still a school working hard on our grades too.

WH- What has surprised you about this year?
FH- That if I work hard academically I can get good grades, in high school I didn’t work as hard as I should and it showed on my report card. This year I know if I do my work I can actually earn the grades I want to get.

WH- What is your favorite class?
FH- Law and Society with Mr. Daley, It’s something different everyday, it’s a class you want to go to, he does a great job of keeping it interesting.

WH- If you could say something to yourself a year ago, go back in time sort of thing, what would it be?
FH- Work extremely hard in high school. I never realized how much academics count until this year, and the end of my senior year when I realized the importance of getting good grades and working hard.

WH- What are you learning this year?
FH- How to get my work done on time and how to manage my time better where I can get all my work done on time and still play hockey.

WH- What does it mean to be a Wolverine?
FH- Theres a lot of tradition here, Bridgton is known for having a great reputation and you wanna live up to the sort of standard set by the guys who have been here before us.

WH- What are you enjoying here at BA?
FH- Playing hockey, the team is great, its almost like playing on an all-star team. So many guys from different backgrounds from all over the country. Hockey is definitely the most enjoyable part.

WH- What do you think of the team, the level of competition?
FH- The team is great, we all come from different parts but we all became friends right away, we gelled as a team, and the competition level is amazing, and playing 50 games is a lot of fun.

WH- What do you want to do when you leave Bridgton?
FH- At some point I would love to play college hockey, its been a dream of mine for awhile, but if that means playing a year of Juniors and taking some classes somewhere first then that’s what I’ll do, it all just depends I think on how the rest of the season goes.

WH- What hockey skills do you hope to improve?
FH- My speed, speeds the name of the game, developing skills is important too but at this level everything is just so much faster so I would say improving my speed.

WH- Who are some of your role models?
FH- Theres two, one is my Dad, hes the whole reason I’m still playing hockey. He taught me everything I know, passing shooting, really just everything. And the other is one of my friends, Max Gratchev, he plays professional hockey, just got drafted by the NY Islanders, I trained with him all summer long, he helped me a lot in teaching me how to become a better player so I definitely look up to him. He’s given me the keys to success at the next level.

WH- What would you say to a future Wolverine who may be reading this?
FH- Keep your head up, make the right decisions, and make the best out of your season cause it goes by fast. Even though it’s just a saying, “The year that makes the difference” it really is true, it really does make a difference.

Monday, December 8, 2008


The Wolverines will not be competing in the Huskies Showcase this coming weekend due to tournament format changes. However, the Wolverines will be playing the Maine Moose (IJHL) 7pm Friday December 12, 2008 at home.

Also, the Eastern Hockey Showcase, which was suppose to be held January 9 - 10, has been cancelled. The Wolverine's will head back to Burlington, VT on January 9 - 10 to play two games against the Vermont Glades. There may be a game added Sunday against the Springfield Jr Falcons in Springfield, MA. All game times are TBA.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

BA Hockey Needs Extra Time to Defeat Rangers

Tom Paine scored on the power play 33 seconds into overtime to lead the Wolverines past the Boston Jr Rangers 6-5 at Bridgton Ice Arena. Eric Clemmenson paced the offense with 3 goals and Eric Siegel added 3 assists on the game.

Fred Hein put BA up just 1:27 into the game when he buried a rebound, but the Rangers would quickly tie the game and in turn score to take the lead. Clemmenson would add his first goal of the game on the power play to even the score at 2-2 before the first period ended.

Clemmenson would score his second goal just 30 seconds into the second to put the Wolverines up 3-2. The Rangers would score just as a power play ended to tie the score, but Clemmenson would strike again to put BA up 4-3 before the close of the second period.

The Rangers would bot give up as they tied the game at 4-4 on the power play, but BA would take the lead again on a power play of their own as Matt DelGiudice finished s Sean Travis rebound. Penalties would plague the Wolverines as the Rangers tied the game with 2 minutes remaining on the power play. BA would be awarded a power play with less than a minute to play, setting up Paines heroics in OT. Michael Pearless earned the win making 30 saves in the game.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Wolverines Settle for a Tie on the Road

BA hockey took to the road on SAT Saturday to play a late gane in Rockland, MA against the Boston Jr Rangers and settled for a 3-3 tie. The Rangers took the early 1-0 lead on a contoversial goal just minutes into the first period. Sean Travis got the Wolverines on the board, but the Rangers countered second later witha goal of their own to regain their lead.

Tom Paine tied the score at two in the second Period and Eric Siegel deflected Paine's shot to put the Wolverines ahead before the end of the second period. The Rangers would tie the game in the third with a power play goal of their own to finish the scoring. Steven Sisler earned the tie in net making 22 saves in the game.

The Wolverines will play the Rangers in Bridgton on Sunday at 2:00.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wolverine Hockey Reading and Math Program

Six Wolverine Hockey Players visited Stevensbrook Elementary School to assist students with their reading and math. The program was started to allow Bridgton Academy Hockey Players to be positive role models to a small group of students from Stevensbrook Elementary School. The players usually spend an hour with each class, assisting the teacher, leading reading programs and interacting with the students.

Eric Seigel and Fred Hein spent time with Mrs. Clark's 1st grade class. Not only did Fred and Eric show the class how skilled they are at math, but they both proved to be highly entertaining readers.

Ben Pearl and Mike Pearless joined Mrs. Jones' 2nd grade class. Both Mike and Ben demonstrated their superior skill playing Subtraction Bingo. The groups were very engaged with the program.

Matt Delgiudice and Phil Baker-Coe spend their time with Mrs. Lepage's 3rd grade class. The class was broken into small reading groups. Matt and Phil worked with each group taking turns reading and discussing what they read.

Overall, it was a very exciting day for both the students and the players. The classes were given an autograph picture of each player to display in their room.