Friday, February 4, 2011

Team Manager Answers Team Challenge

Wolverine Team Manager, Cam Meserve, loves the Lake Placid Trip. Loves skating on the 1980 Olympic Rink, loves walking downtown and loves watching his Wolverines play some puck.
This year, the 2011 Hockey Team Challenged Cam to beat his chicken nugget record. In 2010, Cam ate a staggering 63 nuggets. This year, Cam took down an astonishing 100 nuggets over the weekend. Some BA Players were stunned. "We called Cam out and he answered the challenge", said Captain Matt Buckley. Assistant Coach Travis added,"There wasn't a lot places Cam cared to eat. McDonalds should be giving Cam free nuggets for life." Cam was thrilled when he received a gift card the the BA School Store from the Coaching Staff and Team.

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