Friday, October 15, 2010


For the past three years, the Wolverine Hockey "GOAL" Program has visited Stevens Brook Elementary School and "Assisted" Teachers and Students in all areas of academic excellence. On Wednesday, Coach Mike Meserve and 8 Wolverine Players made their first visit to the school. Mrs. Tammy Clark's 1st grade class worked with Derek Spencer, Charlie Gendron and Tim Marshall on their reading. Mr. Jeffrey Brundage's 2nd grade class, worked in small reading groups with Dan MacInnes and Mike Clancy. Finally, Mrs. Karen Lepage's 3rd graders utilized Todd Brow, John Fitzgerald and Chris Watkins on their Town of Bridgton Mapping Project.
Students and players communicated well together. "The students really light up when they see the guys come in. It might be the closes thing to rock stars our players will ever get too. The Stevens Brook Students pay close attention and really focus when the hockey team visits" said Coach Mike Meserve.
After some hard work, each class was rewarded with a roster which player took time and walked around to autograph. "We usually try to make one or two visits every month. Our guys get to know some outstanding kids and form a bond with the classes" said Meserve. The "GOAL" Program is looking forward to their next visit real soon.

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