Monday, October 4, 2010


The 2010-2011 Bridgton Academy Hockey Season began with a highly anticipated exhibition game between Bridgton and the Boston Junior Bulldogs. With 10 games under their belt, the Bulldogs came out hungry. Bridgton had trouble adjusting to the Bulldogs intensity in the first period. "It was our first game of the season. Guys were a little tight and anxious. In the first period, we kind of ran around in our own zone and it cost us" said Assistant Coach Chris Travis. Bridgton went into the locker room down 5-1 after Alex Bartlett(South Burlington, VT/South Burlington High)put BA on the board.
"The coaching staff did an outstanding job calming us down between the first and second periods. We were very uptight before the game and had trouble executing what we worked on during pre-season" quoted Captain Matt Buckley(Canton, MA/Canton High School). The second period saw BA press the attack more and physically assert themself. Defensemen Mike Peacock(Barnstable, MA/Bridgewater Bandits) and Dan Cushing(Wilmington, MA/Wilmington High)delivered some bone crushing hits as BA started to work the puck down low and generate some offense. The second period ended with the Bulldogs having a 6-2 lead. Brendan Moore(Springfield, MA/Springfield Cathedral)scored BA's lone goal of the second period.
Third period was BA's best. Outshooting the Bulldogs and controlling the tempo of the game. Confident and revived, the Wolverines pressed the attack over and over.
The game ended with a 7-4 Bulldog victory, but BA played outstanding during the 2nd and 3rd periods. Assistant Captain Ryan Menard(Ashland, MA/Bridgewater Bandits and forward Tyler Albano(Beverly, MA/Beverly High) scored the Wolverine's 3rd and 4th goal.
Bridgton looks to build on their solid play Parent's Weekend, when they take on St. Foye. Game 1 will be Saturday at 630pm and conclude Sunday at 1100am.
Bridgton "B" Team will open their season Saturday at 12noon host University of New Hampshire Club.

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