Tuesday, February 9, 2010


BA travelled to New Hampton Wednesday and were defeated 4-2. Tad Gold(Oak's Bluff, MA/Martha's Vineyard High) and Tom MacInnes(Plymouth, MA/Plymouth North High) gave BA a quick 2-0 lead. The Wolverines worked the puck deep and generated some great scoring opportunities throughout the entire game. This contest was definitely chippy and very physical. Both teams punished each other all over the ice.
In the second period, BA could not capitalize on any good bounces. However, what little bounces BA got, New Hampton seemed to find them. New Hampton scored two in the second to tie the score.
The third was just as physical as the first two periods. Green and Grey bodies littered the ice after each and every play. New Hampton took a 3-2 lead and managed to hang on, before they scored an open net goal with 5 seconds to go.

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