Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Bridgton Academy travelled to Standstead College in Quebec and were soundly defeated 7-0. With a limited roster due to illness and injury, BA struggled to find their game and Standstead capitalized over and over. "Guys like Dave Stevens and Pat Thornton were sick as a dogs and still came out and gave their all. We just didn't have it today" said Assistant Coach Mike Meserve. BA looks to rebound with a few days off. Messerve added, "At this point of the year, we hope guys will realize their bodies and brains need some time to recover. In some programs, you see guys being selfish, not realizing they need to physically and mentally recover for the good of the team. We encourage guys to stay away from the ski slopes and other activities which are too demanding on hockey players body. The guys should be mature enough to put the team first."

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