Monday, January 25, 2010

Student Profile: Evan Schwender

HOMETOWN: Saunderstown, RI

IN HIGH SCHOOL: I didn’t care for the first few years of high school, but then in my junior year some events happened and I decided right then that I needed to turn my life around. In my senior year I got honor roll every quarter, and changed my life around.

HEARD ABOUT BA: I talked to Coach Meserve, and I had decided in my senior year, that I wanted to do a post graduate year. I was looking around prep school, I visited Winchendon and Hebron and people there would talk about Bridgton too. Then I checked it out and I actually really liked it.

GOALS AT BA: I want to achieve a 3.4 GPA or over, and I want to basically prepare myself for success in college and life. I also want to get into school and be able to play as much hockey as I can while balancing it with life and academics.

BA IS DIFFERENT FROM HIGH SCHOOL: You have more of a safety net here, and you have to follow guidelines for success. If you start to slip up then someone will help you back up and show you how to do it.

BEST ABOUT BA: Other than the bread up at lunch, I would definitely say all the students, and how its all guys you don’t have that competition always. Everybody gets along, as long as you don’t have a problem with someone else for no reason.

WORST THING ABOUT BA: The whole being up in the middle of nowhere or when you have to wake up early in the morning when you go to bed late, but for the most part its actually not that bad.


OUTSIDE OF BA: I used to play semi pro paint ball. I enjoy playing hockey and hanging out with friends, we have a lot of campfires.

ROLE MODEL: My Mom, she basically supports me through everything I do and is one of the reasons I am here.


FAVORITE MOVIES: Slapshot, or The Girl Next Door.

FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM & ATHLETE: Minnesota Wild are my favorite hockey team and the Chicago Bears are my favorite football team. Favorite athlete is definitely either Milan Lucic or Pavel Bure.

FAVORITE MUSIC: I like a lot of everything. My favorite artist would be Black Dolly Murder, but I listen to everything.

FRIENDS WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW: They pretty much know a lot about me, I’m the first hockey player in my family.

BA PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS SHOULD KNOW: The all guys thing, you should get past that fact because its not the best thing but you make a lot of new friends and its not as bad as it seems. If you messed up in high school you get a second chance up here. It will prepare you for college definitely.

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