Friday, January 15, 2010


Thursday nights First Semester Academic Awards Ceremony saw the Bridgton Academy Hockey Team produced some serious hardware.

The following nine Wolverine players earned high honors:Tad Gold, Rob Campbell, Patrick Sen, George Wickey, Patrick Thornton, Ian Edwards, Chris Howard, Kyle Montgomery and Nate Potter.

Additionally, the following earned honor roll:Darren Casey-Covell, Sean Eubanks, Casey Helms, Colin Hurd, Mike Iacobucci, Trey Rasmussen, Evan Schwender, Jesse Shavel and David Stevens.

Hockey also cleaned up with indivudual class awards.
Trey Rasmussen - English Award
Mitch Harrison - Psychology Award
Jesse Shavel - English Award
Jesse Shavel - Math Award
Casey Helms - Calculus Award
David Stevens - English Award
Kyle O'Connell - Statistics Award
Jesse Shavel is the first student in the history of Bridgton Academy to win two academic awards. Congrats to Jesse and all the award winners.

The Bridgton Academy Hockey Team had a First Semester GPA: 3.04

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