Thursday, September 10, 2009


The Wolverine Hockey Team has completed a few challenges this year. Players moved away from home, developed relationships with new teammates, and balance a heavy academic and athletic schedule. However, Coach Lounsbury and Coach Meserve were pleasantly surprised when 32 players reported to BA Hockey. Coach Meserve noted, "We have a total of 32 players this year. Three players are currently on the injury list, four playing baseball and one playing lacrosse".

Due to the large numbers, Bridgton Academy Athletic Director, Brad Smith, gave Coach Lounsbury the OK to schedule 10-15 "B" games. These "B" games will allow the players who need development or experience to play some games. Games will include some Junior B Teams, College Club Teams and some Independent Teams. Traditionally, Bridgton has been forced to cut players who need more seasoning. All 33 players will share the same facilities, practice at the same time and be counted on to motivate and inspire each other throughout the season.

The upcoming schedule is close to completing and should be posted on the website by next week.

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