Friday, October 3, 2008

Player Profile- Michael Pearless

Michael Pearless
6'3"- 195lbs
Framingham, MA

WH- What do you hope to get out of your year here at Bridgton Academy?
MP- To get better grades, better SAT scores, and to play on a team that has a 45 game schedule. As a goalie that mean a lot of playing time.

WH- What do you think when you hear BA is a "jock school"?
MP- I think it's not true, if we didn't care about classes then we wouldn't be doing massive OP (ed note: OP is what the coaches call the extra running or other work the athletes do for any number of reasons) for missing classes.

WH- What has surprised you about this year?
MP- That When I try I can do my school work well and quickly. I never did that before. I'm proud of my academics here. In high school I was the athlete, now I'm doing well in school and that is a good feeling.

WH- What is your favorite class?
MP- English Comp with Mrs. Carr. I'm surprised by that as I don't really like reading, but the class is interesting.

What is your least favorite class?
MP- Taking Pre-Calc over again.

WH- If you could say something to yourself a year ago, go back in time type of a thing, what would it be?
MP- Study more, and work out in the gym! I never really worked out, it's brutal. In high school I just went to school, then practice, then I was done- it's a lot harder here.

WH- What are you learning this year?
MP- How to be successful, I'm managing my time better, using study hall to get work done.

WH- What does it mean to be a Wolverine?
MP- It means being a part of tradition. There is a lot of tradition here at Bridgton, the kids here have always been good, and they go to good schools, its good to be a part of that tradition.

WH- What are you enjoying here at BA?
MP- Everyone seems to get along, the kids are cool, the faculty is great, I can always find things to do. It goes fast, each day, there's no real down time- so at the end of the day I just want to go to bed and then we do it all over the next day- so time just seems to go fast.

WH- What do you think of the team, the level of competition?
MP- The competition is pretty good. Night in and night out it's going to be a battle which for me as a goalie is great, I get to face a lot of shots- I just hope not too many!

WH- What do you want to do when you leave Bridgton?
MP- I've always wanted to play Division 1 hockey, but I may have to play a couple years of junior hockey to do that, but that is still my goal.

WH- What hockey skills do you hope to improve?
MP- Playing the puck as a goalie, learning a lot about situational play. I feel like I have the tools, but I don't always make the best decisions.

WH- Who are some of your role models?
MP- My Dad. He played goalie in college and as a kid I always wanted to play hockey and be like him. I like it, and it give us a lot to talk about.

WH- What would you say to a future Wolverine who may be reading this?
MP- Don't waste it if you come here, work hard- you only get this one shot. I didn't work hard in high school, and this is my chance to make it up, I don't want to waste it.

Good luck to Michael and the 2008-2009 Wolverine Hockey Team.

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