Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Player Profile- Matt DelGiudice

Matt DelGiudice from Oakland, ME
5’8”, 180lbs
Position: Forward

WH- What are you looking to get out of this year at Bridgton Academy?’
MD- Athletically I’m looking to play junior hockey competition, to get stronger and to get ready to play in college. Academically I’m looking to raise my GPA and to improve on my SAT scores.

WH- What is your favorite class so far?
MD- Sociology with Mr. Roche. He keeps us entertained, he’s always moving around and keeping us engaged, you can’t fall asleep! (ed note: Matt takes this class first thing in the morning) I’m getting a lot out of it and really enjoy the discussions.

WH- How has the hockey pre-season been going?
MD- It’s been really tough, it’s doing a lot for the team as we are getting to see who hat eh mental ability to stick it out. That’s important during a season that is this long. We’re getting to know each other and learn how to stick it out together as a team, with is important for us to learn for the next level.

What have you thought of the BA experience thus far?
MD- So far it’s been quite an experience, you’re living with these guys for eight months, it’s a unique school and one that you won’t forget. We’re all in this together so there is a bond. So far it’s been fun, I’m looking forward to the next seven months.

WH- What do you need to improve?
MD- I need to get stronger, and I’m spending a good amount of time in the weight room. I’m learning to understand the different concepts on the ice, how the game is played at this next level, how to be a two way player, how to play with greater intensity during shorter shifts. I played in tournaments this summer with coach Printz and it gave me a chance to get used to this style. In high school my line played 12 out of 15 minutes in period- so it was hard to be as intense, here your going 100mph all the time- and if you’re not your sitting on the bench.

WH- What is surprising to you this year?
MD- I’m realizing that school isn’t always a bad thing. Waking up can be tough, but once I’m up and going I’m enjoying school, the environment and the people. I thought it would be miserable, but I’m enjoying it. I had talked to kids that had played hockey here in the past and they called it “academic hell”, but I’m finding I’m enjoying the academic side.
In high school all I wanted to do was play soccer, hockey and lacrosse- school was just something I “had” to do. But here there are people who have put their necks out so that I could be here. My Mom and Dad are making this happen for me, and I’ve got younger siblings at home that they have to take care of so this is a big deal and I don’t want to let them down.

WH- What are you looking forward to this season?
MD- This season, the competition. We have some really good teams that we are playing, the travel, playing rinks that I’ve never been to before, the team, experience, the whole package. I’m really looking forward to the rest of this year.

WH- What does it mean to be a Wolverine?
MD- It means a lot. This is the only school I put any effort into coming to. I learned about the hockey program, then found out about the academic program and knew this was where I needed to be. Once I got accepted I was excited and it’s been great so far.

WH- If you could give any advice to high school juniors or seniors out there what would it be?
MD- Buckle down. Don’t slack off. Colleges don’t care how good you are if you don’t have the grades, academics count. Take some good classes and put in the effort.

Good luck to Matt and the rest of the Wolverine Hockey team. Look for more player bios coming soon.

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