Monday, May 17, 2010


Bridgton Academy Hockey Team was well represented Friday's 2010 Commencement Award Ceremony.
FABELLO HOCKEY AWARD:Honoring John T. Fabello '34, late faculty member and coach, this award is presented to a hockey player(s) who has contributed most to his team through his drive, his desire, and his example of sportsmanship.
2010 Winner(s): Tad Gold and Patrick Sen
EDWARD F. BROWN FUND ESSAY PRIZE:Mr. Brown was a trustee of Bridgton Academy for 23 years and president of the board from 1888 until his death in 1909. Mr.Brown left a generous sum of money to permanently endow prizes he had sponsored during his lifetime.
2010 First Prize Winner:Patrick Sen
SYLVESTER SPELLING BEE:Dr. Charles Sylvester, former president of the Board of Trustee, left an endowment when he dies in 1942 for the purpose of sponsoring an annual spelling contest.
2010 First Prize Winner: Casey Helms
HOLT AWARDS:The Holt Awards are presented each year to the outstanding students is English, mathematics, social sciences, physical science and computer science.
2010 English Award: Patrick Sen
2010 Mathematics Award: Patrick Sen
2010 Physical Science Award:Ian Edwards
DIANE C. FABELLO MEMORIAL AWARD:This award is presented to a student who has demonstrated exceptional interest and concern for his fellow students.
2010 Winner: Robert Campbell
CHADBOURNE AWARD:This award is presented to the highest ranking student in the graduating class.
2010 Winner:Patrick Sen
FACULTY AWARD:This award is presented for academic diligence and all-round pleasant and positive attitude toward teachers, classmates, and bridgton Academy.
2010 Winner: Casey Helms

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