Monday, October 5, 2009


On Friday September 2, Kyle O'Connell, George Costa, Patrick Thornton, Patrick Sen and Assistant Coach Mike Meserve participated in a Community Field Trip with two third grade classes from Stevens Brook Elementary School. The Wolverine Hockey Team's "GOAL" Program, is a community service project where Wolverine Hockey Players collaborate with both SBES faculty and students, as well as, other educational centers.

Friday's field trip was a tour around Bridgton, where students had to record what the place was, where it was located and the purpose of the place. The players assisted individual students with writing and comprehension of each place and make sure it was spelled correctly on their worksheet. "I thought the players did an outstanding job working with the students. The students were really excited when the boys showed up. They definitely became very comfortable engaging with the players as the trip went along" said Assistant Coach Mike Meserve.

Wolverine Hockey "GOAL" Program will continue to have monthly visits to 4 SBES classroom, plus will visit 2 local daycare/preschool facilities. They will work with individuals and groups on a wide range of subject matter. Each class the Wolverines visit receive autographs and photos from the players.

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