Monday, August 31, 2009


Bridgton Academy Hockey welcomed their prospective players to campus August 27th. On August 28th, Coach Lounsbury and Coach Meserve, Bridgton Academy started the 2009-2010 Independent Junior A Hockey Season with a team meeting and a Fitness Test.

"We lay out the expectations in our first team meeting. Commitment,Sacrifice and Responsibility is something all players will focus on throughout their time here at Bridgton Academy. The Bridgton Academy Hockey Players is a student first, then a hockey player", said Assistant Coach Meserve.

All prospective players completed a physical fitness test. Push Ups for muscle strength, sit ups for muscle endurance and a demanding two mile run for cardiovascular. David Findley (Hamden High School/Hamden, CT), was the top scorer on the fitness exam. David performed 75 push ups and 72 sit ups in two minutes and then completed his two mile run with an impressive 16:24. Robby Campbell (Braintree High School/Braintree, MA) finished second, but did complete 92 push ups in the two minutes.

The Wolverine Hockey Team will continue dryland training for four more weeks. "Overall, I've been impressed by the guys drive during our grueling two a days. Their commitment and sacrifice has been noticed my myself and Coach Meserve" said Coach Lounsbury.

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